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PC Fall of Cybertron players. A note from Activision regarding our work with Mercenary Technologies (PC Developer) to make improvements to the PC game.


Activision and High Moon Studios are firmly dedicated to providing a fun multiplayer experience in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. We’ve seen some concerns from PC fans about the online experience and have been working hard with internal and external teams to address any issues. These actions include the following:


  • Near launch date, we caught and immediately fixed a bug that dealt with PC host migration
  • High Moon recently released a patch for the console versions of the game that included a number of small changes to the dynamic gameplay balancing and tuning, and these changes are currently being tested for the PCWe are working hard to get this finished for PC gamers in the next week.
  • We are also monitoring the support web site very closely here: Any users who have additional inquiries should visit this link and rest assured that we are looking at all user comments and questions.

UPDATE - 8.30: Our customer service team reports that this issue is now fixed and the codes are working properly.


Fall of Cybertron customers in Canada,


Some of you in Canada have reported some trouble with their Sony PS3 voucher codes from Best Buy.  Please rest assured we are working closely with SCEA to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  We will update this page with additional information as soon as we have an update.  Thank you.


For this and other customer support needs please contact .

Fellow Autobots and Decepticons.


We’ve been closely monitoring the class balance for the first week and have decided to make our first set of tweaks. Our game statistics and feedback from players show that we're off to a fantastic start with each class performing very well. However, within each class there is some room for improvement to make all the weapon, ability, and upgrade options equally viable.



  • Scatterblaster damage increased to 15 per pellet from 12 – Those who got early access to the demo know the scatter blaster started off as a beastly weapon, we overshot our correction and we’re hopeful we've found the right setting.
  • Fireblast upgrade burn damage increased from 15 per second to 20 per second – The reduction in pellet damage was not being offset enough by the fire damage, so we’ve upped the fire damage a bit, each shot will do an extra 10 fire damage.
  • EMP Intercooler upgrade now changes the grenade recharge to 10 seconds instead of 7.5 – We know its super fun to run around throwing emp grenades willy-nilly, but it was too much.  Besides, you can get the Intercooler pickup and still go crazy.



  • Gear Shredder homing increased – This weapon is showing up as the weakest of the scientist weapons and we think the best way to improve it is to increase its homing function.
  • Sentry Damage increased from 8 to 10 per shot – The sentry was not quite giving the offensive boost we were hoping for, this should help.



  • Reduce the Thermo Rocket Cannon damage from 300 to 250 - The Destroyer was showing up as the most powerful class by a small margin and we think the Thermo Rocket Cannon is a big reason.
  • Chaos Rift Combuster Damage and Damage Radius significantly increased – You should be doing closer to 300 damage if you manage to hit a guy with both the initial blast and a cluster bomb. Hopefully this make the Combuster a better option.
  • Barrier Cooldown increased from 7 to 10 seconds – 7 was too fast, it was practically always available



  • Harvester damage reduced from 20 to 17 – This combination of damage output and healing was too much, we’re preserving the healing functionality and reducing damage.
  • EDK Techvolt damage increased to 140 from 115 – The beams look cool, but it needed a little more bite.
  • Flak Shield can absorb 500 damage instead of 666 – The flak shield was showing up as clearly being a better choice than whirlwind so we’re slightly reducing its power.

Show Us Your Transformer

Posted by HMS_Greg Aug 27, 2012

Fall of Cybertron offers unprecedented character customization, allowing you to build your own Transformer. Share you custom creation with the dev team by posting to our Facebook wall or tweeting @FallofCybertron .


We will share the best images on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

TFOC_CC_Screens_12-8-5__8CF41468105787C copy.jpg


Casting Call

Posted by HMS_Greg Aug 24, 2012

Check out this amazing image of the Fall of Cyberton cast. There are many hours of hard work from our talented High Moon art team represented in this image. Enjoy!




Escalation - Best Time Ever

Posted by HMS_Greg Aug 24, 2012

One of the little known realities of releasing a game is the need to setup multiplayer matches with reviewers before the game launch. Game reviewers need to get into multiplayer matches to review the entire scope of the game, but of course there are no matches before the game goes live to the public. So who do they play with? The developers of course. For a full week we took turns in our focus test room battling press who had all be scheduled for play sessions. Its serious work, but of course you can't help having a good time.


For Fall of Cybertron we setup meetings for 2 hours each and invited press to join remotely using the retail disk on either Xbox or PS3. We dedicated the 2nd hour to Co-Op Escalation. The most memorable match had to have been with Arthur Gies from Polygon (read his review here). Things started out fine enough with the exception of being accidentally roasted to death on the Oblivion map during wave 7. One of the other players apparently did not take a moment to realize what his 250 credits would buy. Too bad Arthur was in another room at the time.


The final wave begins and everything starts going bad for us right away. The gatling gun on the mega titan proves too much for the rest of the team and we are quickly all wiped out....except Arthur. Playing as Shockwave he starts jetting around the map battling to survive. He's lucky to have a ton of cash so he can keep buying ammo and energon. The rest of us are just spectating, waiting for poor Arthur to die, but he keeps going. As we cheer him on in amazement Arthur takes down one enemy after another. We start chanting, "Arthur, Arthur!" He gets down to just one enemy, final victory is assured! And then....Arthur activates the flame tunnel, just like on wave 7, and walks through it himself, dying instantly. Game over! Stunned silence followed by laughter ensued. GG!



Fall of Cybertron players! Looking for assistance with a game issue or other technical issues? The good folks at Activision Support can help! Visit the Official Transformers: Fall of Cybertron support page here.

At long last our latest game is on store shelves. Tranformers: Fall of Cybertron is available in North America today. Tens of thousands of you are already playing. The game will hit Australia tomorrow and Europe on Friday.


We could not be more pleased with all of the great fan feedback we've received. Thank you for your letters and support. Reviews far and wide have been joining you in praising Fall of Cybertron. Here is a brief summary of some of our review scores:


- Polygon 9.0 /10

- Game Informer 9.0/10

- IGN 8.5/10

- Official Xbox Magazine 8.5/10

- G4 TV 9.0 out of 10


And that's just for starters we will have more reviews to follow. If you are loving the game we kindly ask you to share your thoughts on sites like Metacritic and


And if you need support checkout the support page.

With the launch of the most complete Transformers game of all time just days away we proudly present our official launch trailer. Catch it now on !

Throwing language barrier issues and expensive plane tickets prices aside our new studio president DEADPOOL headed to Gamescom this week. Its only the biggest video game show on Earth, but whatever. Along with our Game Director Sean Miller, DEADPOOL is giving journalist a private look at his upcoming new game. While we're unsure of the wisdom of stepping into a private room with a masked gun and katana blade wielding man, it sure must be working with the press. Gamespot has this great preview filled with great quotes and filed this detail rich report on what they saw behind closed doors.  


Check out the cool best of show nominations we've earned.




Demo Change Log

Posted by HMS_Greg Aug 16, 2012

A number of our loyal Twitter followers (@highmoonstudios, @FallofCybertron) have asked for a demo change log. Here is a partial list of changes that have been made based on player feedback. Note that items marked as pending will not appear until the full game. Thanks again to all of you who have provided feedback.


Note this is a partial list of changes. We have made other various fixes based on issues reported to us.

  • Increased Path Blaster spread 75%
  • Decreased Path Blaster damage to 100 (Was 110)
  • Cloaking now only lasts 7 seconds (Was 10)
  • Cloaking takes twice as long to refill
  • Cloaking uses resource at 3x when sprinting and boosting (was 1x)
  • Pulsar cannon radius increased to 1000 (was 800)
  • Tracer Dart increased damage to 100 (was 75)
  • Reduced Scatterblaster damage to 12 per pellet (was 15)
  • Reduced Scatterblaster damage to 15 per pellet (was 19)
  • Increase Thermo Rocket Launcher Damage 300 (was 225)
  • Increase Riot Cannon Damage 175 (was 135)
  • Increase Barrier regeneration time 7 seconds (was 20)
  • Increase Energon Recharger healing 25% faster
Pending Changes:
  • Increase shield health (waiting for title update)
  • Change melee animations (waiting for title update)
  • Increase melee damage (waiting for title update)
  • Additional color options (waiting for title update)


Added Aug 20th:

  • Quality of connection icon fixed (unless that already went into the demo)
  • Countdown time sound starts on the last 10 seconds

It Never Gets Old

Posted by HMS_Greg Aug 15, 2012

Fall of Cybertron is less than 1 week away from launch. Ads for the game have popped up online like this sweet 90 second spot that is running on Youtube: . We also spied this snazzy display at the Gamestop near the studio. Let's just say we appreciate the attention. GS.jpg

If you're visiting this blog chances are that you've played our free Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo on Xbox and PS3. In fact millions of you have since the demo released early this month. We've even exceeded the very impressive download numbers posted by War for Cybertron in 2010. If you've missed the demo there is still time to download it and try out some of both our single and multiplayer offerings. Of course the demo is just a taste of what we have to offer in the full game on August 21st.


Thank You Community


We at High Moon would like to thank the many thousands of people who have posted or emailed demo feedback. Your feedback has been both encouraging and extremley helpful in makeing the full game as strong as possible. We've already worked on balance changes, additional color combos, & other changes based on your comments. Keep sharing with us by emailing us at


A special thank you goes to a member of our community known as SoooMungry, whose Youtube Channel has been a great source of video feedbck commentary on the demo.